Actiburn – Active Burn Care

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Actiburn  is an innovative burn treatment solution which combines the medicinal properties of New Zealand Manuka honey with the ability for electric motors to provide massage and pressure. The product is custom cut from a large sheet of the special bandage material implanted with an array of tiny piezo-electric motors at the time of treatment. The ‘active bandage’ is cut according to the patients individual needs, taking into account where on the body it will be used. A collection of modular Manuka impregnated gauze tiles are then arranged on the inside surface of the bandage in a configuration to suit the burn wound, these tiles help fight infection and promote the healing process while soothing the wound.  The ‘active bandage’ is made from a flexible polyester/nylon/spandex blend material which allows it to conform to complex forms  and flex with movement. The motors are powered by a battery and controller unit encased in a soft, hi-flex elastomer which stretches around the body to clip the bandage together and power the motors.