Track maintenance

  • mud on base
  • model with spade 2
  • model with spade
  • model on track folded
  • DSC_9629
  • model development
  • Track maintenance sketches
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This project was focussed on the New Zealand Department of
Conservation, the brief was very open as the Department
of Conservation’s responsibilities are so broad. I focussed
my project on the recreational area, looking at walking and
tramping tracks as an opportunity. I found an opportunity to
design a tool to help conservation workers who walk the
tracks to do minor repairs to the track surface. The role of
my tool is to allow conservation workers to attach their spade
and compact the surface of the track using the compacting
plate. These minor repairs allow the track to wear more evenly,
rather than creating large “desire lines” in the middle which then
need major excavation and re-surfacing using large machinery.